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hello peeps ! welcome to superwoman's. Have a nice tour here :D

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The Dorks and their cockiness

Hello peeps ! You know these dork above ? Sure you know right. They're EXO. FYI, I'm Chanyeol's fangirl so hello to his fan who are currently reading this ! *waves. I started to be one of their fan when their first teaser out coz my feelings that time was 'Dude, should pay attention to them now.'But then I still not that into fangirling coz you know it yourself, they published 23 teaser making people grew tired especially me coz of curiousity.  Anyway my first bias was Kai and then it changed to Baekhyun before I have made up my mind to stick with Chanyeol coz of his unending dorkiness. I'm a loyal viewer of EXO Showtimes here and many more. So, if you're one of us, let's greet each other, okay.